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Meet turtle

A lifelong artist, Turtle is an award winning tattoo artist. The son of a master craftswoman, he was always encouraged to be creative. From woodwork to painting, jewelry making to tattooing, Turtle will try anything creative to add tools to his belt.

Turtle began tattooing 24 years ago in his island home of Puerto Rico where he developed himself as a young tattoo artist in Ponce.  In 2001, he moved to Florida where he tattooed throughout the state before making his way to Maryland in 2013.

Since then, Turtle has grown artistically, technically and spiritually. He applies all three elements to each and every one of his creative projects. Turtle gives 100 percent of himself into every single piece that leaves his hands.

Meet Turtle

Mission Statement


To Provide high quality, custom tattooing in a clean, safe and fun environment. ​

To build long-lasting relationships with clients from all walks of life. ​

To share in their experience by creatively bringing to life their ideas by including them in the creative process.​

To make my clients happy...

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