Tattoo Styles

New School style:

Inspired by graffiti art. Graffiti inspired cartoony, bold colored art. Wacky & fun. New School lets you free that wild side.

New School

Black and Gray Realism Style:

Realistic images in tones of gray washes.

Black and Gray Realism

Hand Poke Style:

As old as man's existence. Hand crafted tattooing the primitive way.

Hand Poked

Japanese style:

Ageless designs and motifs of Samurai, dragons and demons reminiscent of ancient Japan.


Color Realism Style:

Realistic imagery in bright, beautiful color.

Color Realism

Blackwork style:

Bold imagery done only in the darkest of blacks with no variation in tone.



A lifelong artist, Turtle is an award winning tattoo artist. Turtle began tattooing 24 years ago in his island home of Puerto Rico where he developed himself as a young tattoo artist in Ponce. He applies all three elements to each and every one of his creative projects. Turtle gives 100 percent of himself into every single piece that leaves his hands.

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