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I prefer to use an adhesive bandage for the healing of my tattoo work. Its clean, protects your tattoo during it's initial days of healing when the risk of infection is highest. It also cuts down healing time by around a week or so. Below you'll find a description of the different types of adhesive bandage. Here are two ways of healing your tattoo that I find best. One with the bandage and one without. I hope you find these helpful.

What is the adhesive dressing?

There's various brands. Some call it Tegaderm, Tattoo derm, Saniderm. I use a brand called Recovery. Its very flexible and i find it a lot more comfortable to wear. 

But what is it?

It is a breathable, plastic, hypoallergenic, waterproof bandage that  allows oxygen to enter for breath-ability. It flexes and moves with the body. 

If using the adhesive bandage

-Leave on bandage for 4 full days. The bandage is splash proof so showers (warm not hot) are fine. No swimming pools or baths.

-At the end of day 4, remove bandage and wash tattoo with cool soapy water. Make sure you remove any adhesive residue but don’t force it. It will come off as you wash the tattoo. 

-Let the tattoo air dry for about 30 minutes. 

-Apply a small amount of fragrance free hand lotion (I prefer Aveeno fragrance free). 

-If an organic option is preferred, I’ve also had great results with coconut oil. Coconut oil is antibacterial and antimicrobial as well so its great for tattoo aftercare.

-Wash and apply lotion 3 times per day. If using coconut oil, apply 4 times per day. Organic lotions absorb faster in the skin.  

-Continue to wash and apply lotion for 2 weeks. 

-Once the tattoo is healed if you’re gonna show it off, please protect your art investment by applying sunblock (spf 35) every hour or if swimming, every 30 minutes. The sun damages the tattoo and fades it with UVB. 


If you prefer not to use the adhesive bandage


-Wash your new tattoo with cool soapy water 3 times per day.

-Allow the tattoo to air dry about 30 minutes.

-Apply a small amount of fragrance free hand lotion (I prefer Aveeno) or your organic option working it gently into the skin.

-Do not pick or scratch tattoo

-No soaking in hot tub, bath tub or swimming pool, or any other bodies of water.

-No direct sunlight

-No gym for 7 days




Welcome to the family!

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