Professional Tattoist

When you make a decision to get a tattoo, it's with the understanding that it's for a lifetime. You want an experienced tattoo artist that cares about you and what you want, for quality and lasting art.


Looking for a new piece of art to decorate your home or office with? Want something unique that screams YOU? Commission a mixed media art design today.

Graphic Art

Whether you're looking for a digital painting or even to have your company logo designed/redesigned, Turtle provides quality work at competitive pricing.


A lifelong artist, Turtle is an award winning tattoo artist. Turtle began tattooing 24 years ago in his island home of Puerto Rico where he developed himself as a young tattoo artist in Ponce. He applies all three elements to each and every one of his creative projects. Turtle gives 100 percent of himself into every single piece that leaves his hands.

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