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Turtle is a beast. He did my first tattoo on my shoulder, which ironically was a turtle. He has a strong attention to detail, and is one of the most skilled artists I've ever met. Definitely going back again.

Osondu O.

Turtle is the only artist that I will ever go to again. His work is top notch. His professionalism is fabulous, and he doesn't cut corners to make bank. He's done a full back tattoo for me that started as a cover up, because his art is so phenomenal that I wanted to keep adding to my skin. He ensures that you aren't on display while getting tattooed in private areas, and is extremely professional, keeping your comfort level always in mind. I love his ink sessions, both for his artistry and his wisdom. He will see me in the chair again!


I met Turtle 5 years ago when I was looking for an artist to do a black and gray rendering of a pocket watch that my grandfather gave me. I wanted the watch to be surrounded by detailed roses. I showed up for the first session expecting Turtle to print the design out and transfer the print onto my arm. Nope. Dude pulled out an ink pen and started hand drawing each petal of the rose! The detail that Turtle provides into each piece is masterful. That first piece has turned into 2 full arm sleeves and a half lower leg sleeve, with more to come. Thanks to Turtle, each piece tells a detailed story that will last my entire life. If there is any drawback to Turtles work, it is all the time I have to spend talking to people who notice the exceptional work and want to talk about the artist and his talent.


Turtle was my first tattoo artist back in 2012, and since then I have gotten all 5 and a half sleeve done with him. He is very friendly and a great artist to work with. I can't wait to finish my sleeve with him.


Had a cover-up done of my first tattoo. Not because of regret, but I wanted something better. It's a memorial tattoo on my chest. I was not disappointed. Amazing work. Amazing artist. Honestly, can't wait to get more work done with Turtle. Thank you, from the heart.


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